Hey yall! This is my First Repl!

I'm AydenSoh! This is a Repl that is guided by Code meets World Module 1 ! My real full name is Ayden Soh Yan Qi

Bio~ I make epic games on Scratch! Also, I am quite creative if you come to think of it. By the way,

I am Ayden. I am 10 years old. I have a younger sister and many school friends. My hobbies include drawing, coding and reading, and I'm currently learning how to code on Codepen, Github and Repl.it. Here is the following on my current learning:


How to favourite pages

    1.Put your mouse-pointer onto the star which is on the right of your computer. The star has a plus next to the star.
    2. Click it.
    3. Name it whatever you want.
    4. Press Okay and you're done!